Postponed Tax Sales

The auctions of the following properties have been postponed due to lack of bidders on the original sale dates.  Ignore the dates in the notices themselves.  New auction dates have not yet been scheduled, and typically will not be until an interested purchaser comes forward. Click on the address for more information.

If you are interested in any of these properties, please research it very thoroughly and then email with your proposed bid amount.  Most of them are unbuildable lots, so be sure you are aware of what use you can make of the property since it is being sold “as is.”  Your bid amount should be the most you believe the property is worth, not necessarily the amount of taxes due.  Note that most municipalities will not even respond to offers below the cost of conducting the auction and conveyance (typically $2500 to $5000 per parcel).  Not all are guaranteed to be available for purchase in this manner, and some may be reserved until a future live auction with additional properties.

0.12 acres on Weekend Trail, New Milford CT
0.12 acres on Weekend Trail, New Milford CT
0.29 acres on Weekend Trail, New Milford CT
0.23 acres on Weekend Trail, New Milford CT
0.92 acres on West Meetinghouse Road, New Milford, CT
0.46 acres on Thomas Lane, New Milford CT

0.09 acres on Deerfield Drive, Ashford CT

Mobile Home at 46 Harrington Drive, Plainfield CT
0.24 acres on Starkweather Road, Plainfield CT
Mobile Home at 13 Harrington Drive, Plainfield CT
Mobile Home at 30 Harrington Drive, Plainfield CT

636 Sugar Hill Road, Tolland CT

115, 119, 123, 131, and 135 Kimberly Road, Newington CT
13 Spur Lane and parcel on Meadow Street, Newington CT
23 Brooks Edge Drive, Newington CT
15 and 16 Quincy Lane, Newington CT
10’ right-of-way on Broadview Street, Newington CT

174 State Avenue, Killingly CT
Mobile home at 16 Conrad’s Park, Killingly CT
239 Tracy Road, Killingly and Putnam CT

1.32 acres on Beckley Road and 0.14 acres on Beckley Road Rear, Berlin CT

20 Maple Avenue, Windham CT

0.5 acres on Scoville Hill Road, Harwinton CT

1050 Hartford Turnpike, Vernon CT (potential brownfield)

Mobile Home at 257-15 South Main Street, East Windsor CT

327 Riverside Drive, Thompson CT
630 Riverside Drive and 0 Riverside Drive, Thompson CT

L014 Dividend Road, Rocky Hill CT

114-6 Powhattan Street, Putnam CT
46 Powhattan Street, Putnam CT

0.12 acres on Cables Lane, Thomaston CT

Parcel on Cider Mill Road, Mansfield CT

Lot on Haddam Neck Road, East Hampton CT

0.08 acres on Old Acres Road, East Haddam CT
0.08 acres on Knoll Road, East Haddam CT

43 Gorham Avenue and 0.33 acres on Beacon Street, Bloomfield CT

0.2 acres on North Brook Street, Hampton CT

0.87 acres on Maple Street, Norwich CT

379 Center Street, Meriden CT
44 William Avenue, Meriden CT

9 Hamlin Court, Brookfield CT

84A Hamlin Street, Manchester CT